Bahria Town Phase 8 - Rawalpindi

Project Type: Master Planned Community Development

Launch: Phase 8 - September 2003  

Status: Works going in full progress. Sectorwise hand over started.

Amalgamation of Bahria Town Phases 8 is a master piece example of this very complex but high return act. Nestled between DHA Phases 1-3, Bahria Town has integrated the main road network of Phase 8 with the main road projections of DHA Phases 1-3, master planning at its very peak.

An exclusive Expressway has been completed that connects the master planned communities to the GT Road in 5 minutes. This access is an icing on the cake over the quick access provided to the residents of Bahria Town to DHA and Downtown Rawalpindi.

A main boulevard on the pattern of the Champs - Elysées is being developed in Phase-8; this boulevard will house high rise multi- storied buildings and will be transformed into the commercial hub of Rawalpindi. Existing waterways and parks enhance the housing environment and provide areas for rest & recreation. Adjacent to Phase 8 of Bahria Town, an international standard 18-hole Golf Course is also being developed by award winning Golf Course designer Mr. Gene Bates.

Development work at the Phases 8 is proceeding at full swing. Heavy land moving equipment has been deployed at the site to transform the existing landscapes to the world class housing infrastructure. Only 35% of the available land is being utilized to form the residential plots and 65% of the area has been allocated for the public amenities and facilities. This promises Phase 8 Bahria Town to be the centre of commercial and recreational activity for the residents of DHA as well as other neighboring societies.


Features - Phase 8

  • 160 Main Boulevard designed on the pattern of Champs Elyees with high rise
  • mixed use Commercial buildings
  • State of the art Urban, planning and Engineering design
  • Fully carpeted 160’, 120’, 80’, 60’ and 50’ wide road network
  • Footpath along all Main Boulevard and internal roads
  • Underground electrification system with grid station.
  • Sewage system with sewage treatment plants.
  • Independent storm water drainage system.
  • 24 Hours water supply system with overhead water reservoirs.
  • Most modern and state of the art security system with companies own security guard.
  • Cable TV and Internet services.
  • International standard community facilities including primary, secondary Schools, colleges, university, library, sports complex, club house, hospitals and the Mini Golf Course.
  • Extensive plantations and horticulture works in green belts and along road sides.
  • Gardens, green areas, play areas in each block.
  • Grand Jamia mosque and spacious sector mosques.
  • Commercial areas planned on international standards with ample parking   facility.
  • Beautiful lakes for rowing and boating.
  • Police Station, Post Office, Fire Station, Bus Terminal and Telephone Exchange.
  • Lifetime maintenance by Bahria Town Pvt. Limited.

Lifestyle - Phase 8

Focused on the needs of the modern family, Phase-8 will provide you every convenience at a walking distance.

Phase-8 has integrated the best facets of community living so you can enjoy world class living. A self sustained community, it has been designed on the concept of community neighborhood where each center will include mosques, schools, healthcare provisions, community club, library, commercial areas and sports and leisure facilities.

The project is marked by lush green landscapes, pedestrian walkways, where the Hill Top View parks will be the focal points for all family fun and activities. It will also have a vibrant community center featuring top of the line facilities. Its retail centre will have everything from everyday essentials to designer boutiques, cafes, restaurants and more.

The Central Business District, with the main boulevard on the patterns of the Champs - Elysées is also being developed in Phase-8; it will also house high rise multi- storied buildings. As the lifeline of Phase 8 it will also spearhead the move to create a business area in the region which will pull in new business and fuel the economic progress of the whole region. You may chose to house your businesses close to your home, imagine working only minutes away from your home!

Gallery - Phase 8

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Bahria Garden City

Imagine having your home in the midst of a fabulous golf course!

Well can’t really have that unless you own a golf course but Garden City gives you something close enough. Yes your very own home right at the outskirts of a beautifully green and tastefully landscaped stretch of a championship standard golf course.



Bahria Paradise

Throw yourself in the lap of luxury at the Bahria Paradise. True to its title this development caresses you with the bounties of both nature and modernity that are exclusive within the national confines.

This luxurious tower compound forms an integrated part of a larger master-planned community combining residential apartments, offices, luxury hotel and the ultramodern shopping mall.


Golf City

Golf courses are usually appreciated for the diversity in terrain they are able to adapt to the golfing fields. Golf City is rare, and un-rivaled in Pakistan, in this that even internationally one does not find more than a few resort converted golf courses.

Golf City in fact brings two of the rarities together in one project; a hill resort and a international standard golf course.